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How do I meet people?

Our church is not a place for spectators. It is a place for team members. Whether you are a five-year old child, a ninety-five year old grandmother, a busy mom, or a businessman with big responsibilities, we want you to be a part of our vibrant church community. Here is how you can learn, serve, and grow at Light of Christ.


The mission of the prayer ministry at LoC is to partner with those in need of prayer.  Prayers can be e-mailed to the prayer ministry or turned in on a Prayer Request card during the services.  A prayer can be requested anonymously or shared with the church community.  Please let us know how we could partner
in prayer for you!


Praise and Worship is a HUGE part in our walk with God! Here at Light Of Christ we have been blessed with many talented individuals who have hearts for serving the Lord. We are always looking for more musicians with the desire to serve. If you're interested in playing here at Light Of Christ contact the Worship Leader via email @

Community Programs & Activities 

We plan activities for the year. Some of those include, Game Night, Movie Night, Easter Egg Hunt, Ladies Events, The Rummage Sale, Church Picnic, Bon Fire, Thanksgiving Dinners, Advent By Candlelight, Giving Tree, Church Decorating for Christmas, Pastors Luncheons, Various Outreach Programs, Sunday Greeters and Coffee Hour. 


We have a number of educational opportunities at Light of Christ and we hope you’ll take advantage of them.

Adult Bible Study

Our Wednesday evening Bible studies are approached with a desire for engagement. We want discussions and we are always open to the difficult questions you aren’t comfortable asking anywhere else. We rotate between video series type studies, studies on books like Mere Christianity, studies on books of the Bible, or Lutheran basics studies. If you have suggestions about going through a particular study, we’re always open for other options.



We believe the education of our young people truly begins in the home. According to the Bible, and affirmed by Martin Luther, parents are to take the primary role in raising their children in the faith. In addition, we find that children are ready for confirmation at different ages. Some 10 year olds may be ready where a 16 year old may not be ready. When the parents believe it is time to begin the confirmation process, we provide them with a catechism and a support workbook. Pastor is available to answer questions and help guide, but the parents take the lead and work through the catechism with their child. When each child has gone through the catechism, Pastor will sit down with the child to discuss the basic tenets of the Lutheran Christian faith and determine with the parents when to proceed with the confirmation ceremony. We find this entire process to be less stressful, more effective, and more accessible to the busy family schedules we find today. Finally, through this process, we hope to provide an attitude that confirmation is not something we complete and then disappear, but the beginning of a lifelong process of faith development.



While we always want to be respectful of our incredible God and honor him, our worship services are comfortable and casual. You never need to worry about being underdressed. In fact, we like to say “Blue jeans and flip flops are welcome.” We want people of all walks of life in our church, especially those who are struggling. Those are the ones Jesus intentionally reached out to. We believe everyone needs to know how much they are loved by God.

Our Worship Team is made up of skilled musicians and you’ll be impressed with the live contemporary worship music that we honor God with. We encourage you to raise your hands, clap, and lift your heart to praise God

One of our fundamental goals at Light of Christ is to make everything understandable. We generally don’t use big churchy words. If we do have a need to use a word that is not in your common vocabulary, we explain it. We want church to make sense, because when church makes sense, then your faith will make sense.

We encourage involvement during his sermons. You can ask questions by raising your hand or by texting him. Yes! Right during the sermon! If you didn’t understand something, there’s a good chance someone else didn’t understand either, so ask right away. The Question of the Week is an additional opportunity to consider the message throughout the week. And if God touches your life during the week, you’ll have a chance to share how during the next week’s sermon.

 Other Opportunities

We have plenty of room for your new ideas.

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